• Fun and light hearted entertainment
  • Music and entertainment theme
  • Buzzer system and giant scoreboard
  • Variety of rounds and round styles
  • Professional 'personality' quiz host
  • Great for ice-breaking and staff bonding


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battle of the bands

In this music / entertainment themed quiz, teams are named after famous bands (Abba, Jackson 5, Spice Girls etc.) each with their own buzzer (for up to 8 teams). We provide wigs, hats and sunglasses for all guests to immerse themselves into the fun and our professional   Compère delivers a lively quiz event that climaxes with team ‘performances’ of one of their best known hits! Round content is carefully chosen from a variety of music, film and television. Battle of the Bands can be a standard audio based quiz or an elaborate multi-media event featuring big screen graphics, video clips and animated scoreboard - all personalised with your company / conference logos

" I think cameras should be banned in the future -
me in YMCA leather biker hat seems to be a real
hoot for all round here! ”

Battle of the Bands is played in teams, normally as seated for dinner and can be run straight through or between courses. Prior to the quiz, guests are provided with wigs, hats and props linked to their band team name. The show commences with our 'host' taking the stage to introduce the format for the event. Team captains are established and 'Joker Cards' made available to each team for double points on their chosen round.

There are many variables for a Battle of the Bands quiz event and each package is carefully tailored to the Client's specific requirements and circumstances. You will need to consider: will you have buzzers or keypads?; will the event be multi-media?; the time available and number of rounds; how many teams; which rounds will best suit your audience and the specific content of those rounds; prizes for the winners.

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