Quiz or Gameshow... What’s the difference?

In the first of our new series of articles Moonlighting MD, Neil Townend, highlights the difference between a Quiz and a Gameshow event.

At first it may seem obvious, but this is a conversation I have every week when speaking to new enquirers.

Fundamentally, the difference is in the number of participants. Gameshows have their origin in Television and are designed for low participation : large audience. This would involve a few contestants on stage, and often just two ‘teams’ such as Family Fortunes or Catchphrase. It is tricky to try and adapt the gameshow format to suit a wider participation and that doesn’t always fit the bill.



Some Corporate Gameshow events would be based on just one TV Show, or even a bespoke concept. Our Gameshow Mania has developed to offer a reasonably good level of participation as well as being highly entertaining for the audience. Several ‘shows’ will involve different volunteers taking part in each, so up to 32 people can have their 15 minutes of fame!

But if you want your entertainment to keep everyone involved throughout then you will probably prefer a Quiz show. Any number of teams can compete simultaneously against each other with answers recorded either on a traditional ‘answer sheet’ or using high tech wireless keypads, increasingly popular these days.

We have done a couple of Quiz / Gameshow combined events this year. Using keypads, teams compete in a quiz round from their dinner tables. The technology allows the results to be displayed immediately and we then bring two volunteers from each of the top four teams up to the stage to take part in a Gameshow style competition such as Krypton Factor puzzles or Ball on a Beam from The Cube.


Neil Townend runs Moonlighting from their rural offices in North Gloucestershire.  Having discovered a natural flare for Compering / Hosting live events way back in 1996, he still enjoys being the ‘front man’ on a variety of quiz and gameshows for corporate and fundraising events. Neil would be happy to hear from you for more information or advice, feel free to call on 01386 725 600.


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