• Great for ice-breaking and staff bonding
  • Buzzer system and giant scoreboard
  • Professional 'personality' quiz host
  • Variety of rounds and round styles
  • Tailored content to suit guest profile
  • Competitive team building entertainment


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If you thought a quiz was just a quiz - think again !

Developed over twelve years as a corporate quiz provider, this interactive show is hosted by a personality Compère and incorporates an 8-way electronic buzzer system with indicator lights and a giant scoreboard to keep teams up to date on their progress. Choose from a selection of contrasting rounds including music, movies & activities. UltraQuiz is the coolest, liveliest quiz event you’ll find. Perfect, fun entertainment for ice breaking, group bonding and motivation.

" the quality of the host, the humour, the variety of content... value for money all the way ”

UltraQuiz is suitable for up to a maximum of 8 teams, normally as seated for your conference or dinner, with 8 or 10 in each team. The chosen Rounds can run straight through or between dinner courses. Our Compère introduces the activity with a brief explanation of how the quiz will run. Team captains are established and 'Joker Cards' are made available to each team for double points on their chosen round.

The quiz gets underway with an opening 'Quick Fire' round on the buzzers. Your event will normally include several buzzer rounds, some activities (such as Quick Draw - which is basically Pictionary on a flip chart) plus two or three rounds where the answers are written onto a sheet and marked by our staff. Please contact us for a full list of Round options and their descriptions.

Call us on 01386 725 041 to discuss your event - we are here to help.



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